Bank offers credit for private school.

Public schools are free, but teaching staff are often overwhelmed. The children are therefore taught less knowledge – a serious disadvantage within a knowledge society. More and more parents send their children to private schools. A credit for the private school helps to cope with the high fees of private schools.

Credit for private school – inevitable?

Credit for private school - inevitable?

Free schooling was one of the great achievements of the past. Social change, chronic empty state coffers and other factors have significantly worsened the quality of education in state schools. Public school teachers are fighting a hopeless fight. Teaching materials are outdated or not available, the school buildings are often in poor condition. Many children don’t even speak German when they start school. Lessons with the lowest common denominator are inevitable.

If you can afford it, send your children to a private institution. Most private schools guarantee an above-average quality of training. Unfortunately, this high standard of training often requires high fees. A loan to the private school is for many the only way to finance the education costs.

Public loans for school education

Public loans for school education

There is no direct loan for the private school from public funding. It would be conceivable to cover part of the costs through German State Funding. However, the prerequisites for a German State Funding permit are linked to narrow income limits. People who send their children to a private school tend to be well above these limits with their income. Another financing option would be the education loan.

Educational credits, however, require the student to be of legal age and are intended for the last phase of training. In rare exceptional cases, such as a semester abroad, this funding would at least be conceivable. However, the educational loan is not an option as a financing option for the regular school days. A scholarship to finance school fees would also be conceivable. Both political and private foundations have a budget to support particularly talented students.

Financing the private school on the open market

Financing the private school on the open market

In most cases, private school can only be financed through a loan on the free capital market. Any loan that is not tied to a specific purpose can be used for this purpose. Both local commercial banks and online banks are possible providers of this type of loan. Interest rates and loan terms should be the deciding factor in deciding who to apply for the loan.

The loan comparison on the Internet quickly clarifies which provider offers the best loan conditions. It is not infrequent that the increased school costs at the beginning of the school year make the loan necessary for the private school. In these cases, it is often enough to help the child’s career with a small loan. Small loans from the Internet are approved using the simplified procedure. They are particularly low-interest and repayable in small installments.

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